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International trading in food grains and other products has been one the major activities of STC, since its inception.


STC’s import / export of wheat depends upon the Govt. of India regulations and policies.

STC is exporting Wheat from FCI/Central Pool Stock since Aug’2012 from Mundra, Chennai and New Mangalore Ports. A quantity of about  One Million MTs of Indian milling wheat has been exported during Financial Year 2012-13.

Typical Specifications of Indian Milling Wheat Exported by STC :

Parameter Specifications
Protein (On Wet Basis) 11.50 pct. Minimum
Test Weight 77 Kg/hl Minimum
Gluten (on wet basis) 26 pct. Minimum
Falling Number 400  Minimum
Moisture Content 12.00 pct. Maximum

Foreign Matter(FM) /Other Food      

Grain (OFG)

2.75 pct.

(0.75 FM + 2.00 OFG)         

Shrivelled/Shrunken/Broken  6.00 pct. Maximum

Damaged Grains(DG)/Weevilled


3.00 pct.

(2.00 DG+ 1.00 WG)


The exports are made by initiating global bids. Destination ports to which exports were made during 2012-13 include Bangladesh, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Korea, Djibouti, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia etc.

During 2006-08, STC imported about 6.8 million tons of wheat on behalf of the Govt. of India to meet domestic shortages.

Typical Specifications of Milling Wheat Grade 1 imported by STC :

Parameter Specification (%) Variation
Protein 11 Max
Moisture 12 Max
Damaged Kernels 3 Max
Foreign material 2 Max
Gluten 9 Min
Wet gluten 24 Min
Other food grains 2 Max
Bored Grains 2 Max

The wheat imported by STC is also required to satisfy phytosanitary requirements, insecticides and pesticides limits, weed seed limits and other quality parameters.


STC is a regular supplier of rice to various destinations in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Caribbean countries etc. However, export of rice is subject to Govt. of India regulations and policies.

In the recent years, STC has exported large tonnage of rice to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Madagascar and other African and South East Asian countries.

STC also supplies Rice under the World Food Programme.

Typical Specifications of Non-Basmati / Indian White Rice exported by STC :

            Parameter  Max
(i) Broken 25%
(ii) Moisture 14%
(iii) Damaged/ Discolored  4%
(iv) Yellow Kernels  2%
(v) Red & Streaked  1%
(vi) Chalky Grain 6%
(vii) Paddy per Kg  30 Grains
(viii) Other Varieties  5%
(ix) Milling Degree Reasonably well milled
(x) Size of the Broken Grain 3/4 the length or less of unbroken
(xi) Size of Grain  6mm average length 
(xii) Foreign Matter 0.5%